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Wayne and Tricia Aspin

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Dunnland Dainty 11th 937 P
Dunnland Dainty 11th 937 P, in front of a flowering pohutukawa, December 2013,
has sons in Awhitu Heights, Rubyfields, Indywell and Ohuka Red Devon Studs

Tinopai (meaning very good in Maori) is a self-contained unit farmed on light sandy clay loam. The terrain is rolling to steep 73 hectares with 67 being rye/clover and kikiyu pasture. The balance is in QE II Native Bush and Wetland Reserves, with production plantations of Pine, Lusitanica and Acacia. Feature trees on the farm are Pohutukawa, Kauri, Norfolk Pine, Black Walnut and Californian Coastal Redwoods.

For 25 years we milked up to 160 (Tinopai pedigree Jersey's) cows and then for the next 17 years farmed Red Deer. The farm has won two environmental awards. In 1997 we were overall winner of BHP Steel Awhitu Peninsula Environmental Awards and were the 2003 Premier Winner of The Sir Peter and Lady Fiona Elworthy Awards organized by the New Zealand Deer Farmers Association. (The last of the deer were sold 2007)

The Tinopai Red Devon Stud was established in 2002 with the purchase of four in-calf cows with calves at foot, five yearling heifers and one yearling bull from the Thelmara stud. Additional female purchases have been made from Isca, Dunnland and Woodlands Studs. Our policy is to breed polled, functional Devons with emphasis on smaller udders and teats sound feet, good beef attributes and have the Red Devon quiet disposition. EBVs, Ultrasound muscle scanning and some testing for A2 protein are undertaken. All young animals are vaccinated for lepto and BVD. The herd is rated C10 for TB and has been tested free of BVD.

Back ground breeding.
The herd is strongly bred to the English polled bull Tilbrook Sunset and our main herd sire has been his polled son Isca Quixote 272, one of the leading Red Devon breeding bulls in the country. Other sires have been a Palinga Lewis polled son from a Tilbrook Sunset daughter - Woodlands Tone 489 Sc; a Brightly Diamond polled son - Tinopai BD Jason 711 P; and three Isca Quixote sons - Tinopai IQ Ohio 1128 P, Tinopai IQ Kash 820 P, Tinopai IQ Neon 732 P. Manu 98 has left good framed and temperament progeny, but 50% carried scurs. Hansnett Hamilton has left tidy medium sized heifers and bulls and two of his sons have nice polled progeny born this autumn.

Herd Numbers: This year the herd numbers 51 autumn calvers, 14 Dec first-calving heifers, five autumn R2 in-calf heifers, four yearling heifers, plus 22 heifers, 17 bulls and 11 steers born autumn 2016.

Sales: This year has been most successful. Matt and Rachel Hubbard bought 28 top young polled spring calving cows and had 27 live calves (1dead breach). I'm sure they will be great foundation cows to start their Te Uku Stud. They also purchased two 2yr bulls to mate with their herd. The cows were in calf to Tinopai TO59 1359 P from the Dainty family and strongly bred to Tilbrook Sunset. He has left a line of good conformation calves here at Tinopai.
Yearling heifers have been in great demand with 13 going to Ross and Michele Brackebush (Whero Kau Devons) to add to heifers purchased last year from Tinopai. They also bought a top young bull (Tinopai T40 Sun 1551 P) to mate with them and 10 yearling steers to keep their grass down. Dean and Clare Glen (Black Jack Farms) purchased nine yearling heifers to mate with their outstanding young bull Tinopai M Ryda1560 P. son of Manu 98 and Tinopai IQ Rida 723 P on whom we first option if resold.
We had a complete sale of eleven 2yr and nine 18month bulls this year going from Mangawai to Wairarapa to Taranaki.
Dirk and Cathy Seiling, (Ohuka Devons) purchased our complete line of 12 Spring 2015 born bulls, previously having purchased one bull and three heifers.
Next June and onwards, we will have our complete line of 17 autumn 2016 born polled bulls ready for sale. There is a good selection of different bloodlines. Go to the NZRDCA website-animal enquiry-Tinopai-2016 for pedigrees. Depending on the weather there may be spare heifers and steers for sale as well.

Isca Quixote 272 P, A1/A2, 996kg
Isca Quixote 272 P, A1/A2, 996kg- Progeny Analysed 120

Mating 2016:
We now have our 2014 autumn born daughters of Bongalabi Atlas P (Australia) and Isca Mustang ready to calve this December, a step towards autumn calving. One Bongalabi Atlas son is in Gail Couch's Devand stud and another son (Tinopai BA Ryda1430 P) was used in June to mate in our Tinopai stud along with an impressive son of Isca Mustang (Tinopai IM Muss 1436 P) who is from a top Isca Quixote daughter, Tinopai IQ Pet 804 P. Semen from two Australian polled bulls, Vix Jurassic and Gowan Ross Gentleman, inseminated the first 20 cows on heat and so this will give us a diverse range of bloodlines in the autumn 2017 calving. Their remaining 30 straws will be used this coming May/June 2017 for calves on the ground March 2018

Management: Now with only autumn calving, our policy is to be more efficient in management during the winter with the emphasis on a long grass rotation and less reserves being fed. It will mean fewer mobs to cater for during the winter, more focus on rearing replacements and sale stock on quality grass feed and reserves so they fulfil their potential.
We are on Breedplan and utilize the useful information that it provides. We welcome visitors to the Red Devon website and to visit us on Animal Inquiry. Type in Tinopai and the year of birth to get in-depth pedigree information of each animal going back to when the NZRDCA first started official recording.

Tinopai BD Jason 711 P
Tinopai BD Jason 711 P - Progeny Analysed 38

Tinopai BA Ryda 1430 P A1/A2
Tinopai BA Ryda 1430 P A1/A2
A placid natured son of Bongalabi Atlas from Tinopai IQ Rida 723 P
A top daughter of Isca Quixote 272 P
Has ideal EBV's. His dam, even as an age cow, still has small udder and teats
but annually produces the biggest 200 day calf.

Tinopai IM Muss 1436 P
Tinopai IM Muss 1436 P; Top 2year bull for 400 and 600 day EBVs

Tinopai IQ Pet 804 P
Tinopai IQ Pet 804 P; Dam of Tinopai IQ Muss 1436 P

A typical excellent conformation daughter of Isca Quixote,
noted for their smaller udders and teats, with good feet and beef attributes

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